Evolutionary Health.OrgĀ Organic Spirulina is rich in its nutrient profile and is also absolutely safe for consumption.


Our Spirulina is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) verified at an acceptable daily intake of 20 g / day.

Evolutionary Health.Org Organic Spirulina has a low heavy metals count and meets the stringent California Prop 65 norms for low heavy metal content.

Our Spirulina is completely free from algal toxins like microcystins and meets all stringent requirements of pheophorbides levels and microbiological levels.

The table below highlights the safety parameters of Evolutionary Health.Org Organic Spirulina.

Low Heavy Metals

Lead < 0.20 PPM
Arsenic < 0.50 PPM
Cadmium < 0.20 PPM
Mercury < 0.05 PPM


Pheophorbides (%)

Total Pheophorbides < 0.12
Existing Pheophorbides < 0.08


Algal Toxins

Microcystins Not Detectable
(ppb/ 3g) ( DL: 0.5 ppb)
BMAA Negative



Standard Plate Count (cfu/1g) < 50,000
Yeast & Mould (cfu/1g) < 100
Coliform (/25g) Negative
E. coli (/25g) Negative
Light Filth < 50/ 50g